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    Demo of Arches for HERs

    Explore this use of Arches to power cultural heritage consultation and resource management

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    Experiment with a sample of data for Greater London provided by Historic England


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    Whitby Abbey Evening Light. Photo by Neal Rylatt.

Demonstration of Arches for HERs

Arches provides organizations with powerful features and customization options to manage data in the cultural heritage domain and beyond. With Arches, organizations can customize how they organize data to suit their specific requirements, all the while benefiting from shared knowledge and interoperability capabilities through support of common data standards. Arches for HERs is a customization of Arches to support Heritage Environment Records in England and can be used as the starting point for heritage inventory management using Arches worldwide.

© Historic England Archive. General view of the grounds of Newstead Abbey, showing Cannon Fort from the west, with the upper lake beyond. Nottinghamshire.

Find and Review Consultations

Explore this Arches for HER demonstration site to learn how Arches simplifies the handling of complex cultural heritage and planning data. This demonstration showcases mapping and search capabilities, along with tools for integrating data into consultation and planning workflows.

Illustrative map of the Greater London area, showing the location of monument resources found by a search for 'Roman'.


This Arches demonstration site is based on Arches for HERs, which is a customization of the Arches platform for Historic Environment Records (HERs) in the United Kingdom. It illustrates the core capabilities of Arches while also highlighting how it has been adapted for use by the Greater London Historic Environment Record (GLHER) and other HERs by Historic England, in partnership with the City of Lincoln, UK and the Getty Conservation Institute.

Data Disclaimer

The Arches for HERs demo site includes a small sample of historic environment data from Greater London managed within GLHER Online. The data presented here is strictly for software evaluation purposes only. These data should not be used for research, compliance, or any purpose beyond the exploration of software features.

Speed and Performance Caveats

This demonstration uses an earlier version of Arches (v6). We are continually making enhancements to Arches features and performance and we are planning upgrades to this demonstration site. Until then, thanks for your patience!